We are proud of our past and strive to a successful future...

Our history

Armundia Factory is a software house based in Tirana that develops IT solutions using the latest  technologies related to banking, insurance, corporate and manufacturing.

With an international  vocation it deals with analysis, projects and solutions with a high technological profile, operating at 360 ° in the world of computing and proposing itself as a reference point for innovation, focusing on the high quality of services offered.



From 2015, the year of its foundation, Armundia Factory pays constant attention to technological developments, to be at the forefront in the field of software development and maximize it’s results, consolidating in a short time the skills in the markings in which it operates.

In the first years of activity, it concentrates its core business in software development and competitive and innovative assistance, application management and help desk activities, providing to the customers  a total service of IT systems management.

Subsequently with the constant growth, and certified by the appreciation of the customers, allows Armundia expanding the business services exponentially, leading to start up business and planning consultancy activities, supporting companies in the activities of defining IT strategies, managing projects and in the definition of functional architectures.

Today, thanks to the acquired technical skills, Armundia Factory proposes itself as a reliable and responsible partner, able to support its customers with a wide package of IT consulting services to innovate and implement IT infrastructures of any sector.

Construction services

Stavri Pici


Albanian by birth, Italian by adoption, Stavri Pici studied Computer Engineering and graduated with the highest grades at the La Sapienza University of Rome specializing in computer networks.

He began his professional career in Armundia in 2009 as an Analyst and Developer, an experience that allows him not only to test his technical skills, but also to coordinate groups of work and guaranteeing to the customers high standards of quality and efficiency. In 2015, as part of a strategic project of national and international growth, it comes deliberated the foundation of a software house in Albania, Armundia Factory , of which he comes  appointed  CEO.

Under his guidance, the company has grown steadily to become one of the best known Albanians  software houses and sought after by young talents wishing to evolve in a business context very attentive to technological progress.

Armundia Factory is an ICT service company focused on digital and technological innovation of companies and institutions belonging to any sector.