Perfection has no limits, and this is our way


The mission of Armundia Factory is developing  business working on new technologies, helping partners to be innovative and always a step forward, sharing project objectives with them.

Make the difference

The real challenge is making a difference, understanding and interpreting the values ​​of the partner   companies ,looking at the world with its own eyes and helping to expand  its horizons. We provide our expertise, passion and experience to develop and implement IT solutions capable of adapting to the needs of our customers and satisfying them completely, with the aspiration of representing an important added value for the success of a company.

Always inovate

Technological innovation is the engine of development. Being innovative means having the ability to see the future before everyone and  above all, to determine it, acquiring decisive advantages for the success of partner companies and their own.

Enhance talent

The enhancement of resources is one of the key values ​​of the Armundia Factory, for this reason, it has agreements with some universities with the aim of identifying and selecting the best talents, aiming to offer its employees a further training path of excellence.

The purpose  is to put human resources at the center, to make them feel part of a team and to actively involve them in projects.

Armundia Factory is an ICT service company focused on digital and technological innovation of companies and institutions belonging to any sector.